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Signing up at the bookmaker Titanbet

Titanbet is a bookmaker with an excellent reputation, many professional betters have in this company at least an alternative account, and often the main one. Titanbet registration consists of several steps and should not become a stumbling block between you and the future bets in this book.

In this picture you can also see the link with green color called "Sign up now". Click on it, then appears dialog box for enter the user data divided into three parts:

  1. Personal information: gender, name, surname, date of birth, e-mail.
  2. Contact information: address, city, country, mobile phone, zip code.
  3. Account details: currency account, user name, password, confirm password, and the code (don't forget to include the code shown at end of article).

Asterisk marked fields are necessary to be filled. If you have an account at Titanbet Poker, it is possible to log into the system using it.

The user name is not necessary to be chosen, the system will select it automatically based on the entered data. Always enter your correct user data, otherwise you may have problems when withdrawal!

So, if everything is filled in correctly (you do not see the red crosses to the right of the fields), tick the box you agree to the terms and conditions of bookmaker, and here your account is registered. While you are to the site, the name will appear at the top of each page. Clicking on it you are taken to your personal account, where you can watch bets, to do input/output means, to check the status of bonuses.

The new account will also allow you to play poker online using the same wallet. Write when you register the promo code "bigbets" and in addition to the starter bonus of$ 25 you will find a surprise!

How to get bonuses for signing up at Titanbet?

BC TitanBet offers its customers a variety of bonuses and rewards. It is necessary to fulfill some conditions, one of which is the registration on the website of the bookmaker.

To receive the reward, sometimes we need a promo code titanbet. Bonuses are usually activated in the form of free bets.

10 Euro free bet from 10 Euro

  • Sign up at the bookmaker on www.tbt11.com and within 7 days make your first bet of 10 euros with odds of more than 1.8.
  • Titanbet free bet is activated, regardless of losing or winning the bid.
  • The bonus can be used whole or split into several bets.
  • Free bet is valid for weeks on all sporting events with odds of 5.0, except for equestrian sports.
  • After clearing freebet bookmaker agrees to reimburse first losing from mobile bet (up to €10).

Bonus package $25

  • After registration you can get freebet to 25 euros.
  • For its calculation it is necessary to make 5 bets for 5 euro each, and you will receive a bonus in amount of bets.
  • The offer is valid for games with odds of 2.0.
  • To activate the bonus do not need to enter the titanbet promotion code when registering.

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