Speculators – these are professional players in betting companies who use artibtration situations to receive net profit irrelevant of outcome of a sportive event.

Although speculators do make sport bets, their activity does not have much in common with the notion of “game”. We can describe their activity more precisely in terms of the term “speculation”. Finding in two different betting companies bifurcate ratios (with close differences), they make bets for both possible outcomes and thus receive winning irrespective of the outcome of the match. Major betting companies do not need speculators, this is why there are special departments in such organizations which identify speculators and reduce their maximum in their accounts. However, low-margin betting companies which earn thanks to a huge cash cycle in betting usually do not limit acitivty of speculators.

Some speculators transformed betting in bifurcate ratios into their main activity, but there are also people who use these skills for additional income in their free time. Depending on their experience and time dedicated to speculating in bufercate ratios, their monthly income may vary from 5-10 % of their turnover.