A fake-dogger – this is a person giving false information about fixed games mainly in Internet. This kind of fraud involves getting advanced payment or postpayment for allegedly secure information.

Pre-paid fake-fixed games

Selling pre-paid fixed games is one of the most widespread types of fake-fixed games in the sphere of betting. An imposter can sell information about allegedly fixed matches. This method involves believing an informer. That is why many informers offer their first “fixed game” for free.

Post-paid fixed games

Another way of cheating includes paying for information about a fixed game only in case information turns out to be true one. It is necessary to understand that even in this case such information is just lucky combination.

Method of audience segmentation

Many speculators give their victims mutually exclusive bets on the same events in order to receive profit from those who get right bets just by occasion. For example, a fake-dogger has 10 clients which wait for “information” about bets. A speculator gives half of their clients forecast for total of more than 2.5 goals At the same times he tells the second half of his clients that total is fewer than 2.5 goals. Whatever the result is, half of victims wins their bets, paying money to a speculator (if they agreed on pre-payment) and believing that the speculator does possess true information about fixed games.

The more clients such a speculator has, the more dangerous he might be for his clients. Fore example, if he has more has more than several thousand clients, then this speculator might give more than 5-6 true forecasts in consequence. It is not surprising that some of them are ready to to sell their apartments for their next bet not suspecting that a so-called “seller” of a fixed match just tosses a coin in order to decide which forecast will be given to a group of clients.