Capper is a person who makes predictions and distributes them free or fee-based. The main idea of capper’s work is to figure out the advantages of a sportsman or a team on a counterpart as well as to make a proper prediction. In the English language the word “handicapper” is a worker on a race track that estimates the right weight for a horse in the race which is based on the rules of handicap.

The number of players which on a big distance earn money on bets that are based on the analysis does not exceed several per cents. This topic is under much mystery and even fraud.

The terms “capper” and “handicapper” in the Russian language have negative meaning for the most people as imposters, who sell predictions with a faulty rate, name themselves like that. They delete their improper predictions in order to make the statistics nicer and also use alternative ways of deceit that you can learn more about from our special material. In fact, those “cappers” do not have any relation to the professional betting. Besides there are imposters that sell information about allegedly fixed matches. There is a separate post in our blog which is devoted to this.