Amateur is any player of an bookmaker’s office who does not seek mathematical benefit of the bookmaker, but just trying to predict one or another event in the sport competition. Although an amateur may know the rules of the calculation of a rate and understand what margin is and how to figure out the figures in the bookmaker’s line. Amateurs play for the sake of pleasure.

Practically all the amateurs are attracted by those bookmaker’s offices that have a wide range and rich live. This is a big advantage of fundamental offices, traditional ones. Sometimes amateurs go for the betting exchange or for to the low-margin offices. The reasons are different. Some of them are afraid of cutting down the maximum rate as soon as they start winning. Of course, it is not true. The chances that the maximum rate will be cut down for an amateur are close to zero.

On reading about the margin’s influence the others go to the low-margin office hoping that low margin will help them to win more. It does not usually have an expected result as the probability of the result is more accurate in a low-margin office.