Betting on totals is a type of bets where a punter is invited to predict the number of goals, fouls, corners, yellow and red cards in football, sets and games in tennis, and other gaming events in a single match. Betting on totals is one of the most popular types of bets in various sports, including football, hockey, basketball and tennis. There are two options: betting on total over (the final number of selected gaming events exceeds a certain number) and total under (the final number of gaming events is below a certain number). In football, the total goals bar is usually set at 2.5, in hockey – 5.5, in NBA – 200.5 points. But in matches, where a goal galore is predictable (for example, when one football team is much better than the other), the bar could be set higher. Vice versa, cup matches in football are not usually rich for goals, and the bar could be set lower.