The Corridor

"The Corridor" is usually a combination of two bets in different bookmakers. Although these two bets should be placed on mutually exclusive outcomes, both have a chance to work at the same time. These rates set the difference (corridor) between the values of the totals or odds.

For example, if one of the bets placed on total under 2.5 goals, while the other bet is placed on the over, but this time, not 2.5 goals, and on total more than 2 goals. Thus, if in the match is exactly 2 goals, wins the bet that was placed on total less than 2.5, and the one that was supplied on more than 2 goals, also will not lose and will be paid with odds of 1. In this situation, in fact, played the corridor, resulting in the player-corridorist received superprofits. If the match ends with any other account, one of the bets loses and the second wins and compensates the amount of loss of the first.

In fact, the corridor represents the same arbitrage betting, but this time the profit lies not in the difference of odds and the difference invalues of the totals or odds. Unlike arbitrage bettings, which bring profits to arber each time, the corridor may not make a profit over an extended period of time, but each time the corridor is triggered corridorist receives superprofits, which compensates for his efforts.