Lay bet

Lay bet is one of two types of ordinary bets on the exchange, the essence of which is that the player is betting that an event will NOT happen.

For example, bet "Lay" on the victory of the first team in the match "Manchester city" — "Manchester United" will win if "Manchester city" loses or the match ends in a draw. If the team, against the victory which puts the player wins, the bet loses. That is, from the point of view of calculation, the rate in this example is the analogue 1X.

The feature of bet "Lay" is that, processing it, the player indicates not the amount he wants to place but the amount he wants to receive if he wins. The actual amount of the "lay" bet (Liability or obligation of the player) is automatically calculated on the basis of the amount of bets taken (the desired benefit) and odds. The smaller the probability, the smaller the amount of risk the player who bets "Lay", with the same amount of accepted back bet.

When placing a "Lay" bet you are automatically confirmed commitment of a player is the amount that will be charged to your account if you lose the "Lay" bet. The amount of the obligation of the player making the "Lay" bet is always equal to the potential net profit at a " Back" bet" that this player accepts.

For example, if player bet against the "Back" bet of another player with a sum of 10 dollars and a odds 2.50, it runs the risk of the sum of $ 15 is a potential net gain of the player, placed a specified "Back" bet. To win the bet "Lay" a player can only amount of another player's bet.