Betting on virtual football

Bets on virtual football is a relatively new form of betting that allows to put on a simulated football games.

Such a game is a symbiosis of football simulator and sports betting. At the same time, bets on virtual football are mechanisms for classic casino, decorated in a frame of virtual sports. As in casino, in betting on virtual sports, the standard principle is the random number generator, and as in betting for real sports, there is a predetermined margin in a particular event.

Thus, betting on virtual football are obviously negative, as there is a negative expectation. In this form of betting, unlike real sports, where the bookies can be wrong with a probability score taken separately sporting event, you can win only sporadically. So the distance of any player still lose money in this game, taking into account the inherent margin. At the moment, betting on virtual football take some bookmakers. These include: William Hill, Winline, Bet365, Sportingbet, Parimatch, League of Bettings, and other gaming operators.