Bets on the statistics

Bets on the statistics are the bets made by the player on various statistical values and performance indicators.

For example, in football statistics betting often done on the corner, yellow and red cards and many other similar indicators. If earlier bookmakers took bets only on the outcomes, subsequently the bookie's descriptions each time only replenished. Now we can watch as gaming operators taking bets on the number of shots, shots on target, offsides and possible penalties in the game.

This kind of betting is especially interesting for those players who like to analyze the statistics. Such a bet would allow you to greatly diversify your game at the bookmaker and don't let it be confined solely to bets on outcomes and totals goals in the match.

Bets on the statistics based on the feedback from players often use professional bettors, being able to find superiority in this betting line. Obviously, the bookmaker is often mistaken with the display of quotations on statistics, rather than on the main outcomes in the game.