Advance bet

Conditional/advance bet is a kind of bet in betting offices, which represents a chain of several events following one after the other.

This type of bet is convenient when a player wants to make a bet in a sum which is not on his account. For example, we have on account 100$. We make a chain of three matches held one after the other, and specify the amount for each outcome:

  1. Arsenal — Barcelona — P1 with odds 5.0 — on $100
  2. Real Madrid — Celta — P1 with odds 1.2 — on $500 (do not have to bet all $500)
  3. Spartak Moscow — Anzhi — P1 with odds 2.0 —on $600 (do not have to put all $600)

Thus, having on the account $100, the player can make bets on a greater sum. Also, it is not necessary to wait until the match that in the chain is over to make the next bets. Matches can happen together.