About us

Hello everybody! I am a passionate sports fan and I’ve been following all kinds of sports but especially football. I have been watching and following football all my life and since 2008 I have been using my knowledge to be successful at sports betting. In the beginning I thought betting on sports would be easy but like a lot of beginning bettors I soon realised that it was a bit more difficult.

The mistakes I made will sound very familiar to other bettors. I thought the way to success was putting a lot of favourites in an accumulator (combo) and see my bankroll grow. A lot of accy’s which lost on one selection or one goal later and my eyes began to open a little bit. I began to read up on sports betting and the first thing I learned was that accumulators were the fastest way to lose your bankroll. I wanted to know more about betting sports but I couldn’t find a website that really had everything I wanted. I wanted to find a place that had some kind of course where I could learn the basics of betting, where I could compare bookmakers, where I could find previews for matches and leagues.

After doing a lot of researching on sports betting I began to understand how to be profitable in the long run. I learned what value was, what bankroll management was, how important discipline was, how important proper research was. I began to implement this knowledge into my betting and my results began to show it. I didn’t make a lot of profit but at least I didn’t lose a lot anymore. Now 7 years later I can say that I a successful bettor, making slow but steady profit and enjoying betting on sports as a hobby. A profitable hobby. But I still think back to the days I just began, making stupid bets while staking way too high. Ofcourse trial and error is an important part of getting succesful at betting on sports, but a little more info and a little bit less trial and error won’t hurt anybody.

So I decided to make this website, where you will find everything you want to know about betting. It will help you a lot if you are a beginner but I am sure it could even help you while you deem yourself an expert. On this website you will find a short sports betting 101 course, general sports betting advice, bookmaker reviews, betting previews and a lot more to help you get successful at betting on sports.


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